1 Footnote To Hal 
2 Wicked Messenger 
3 Kimberly
4 Looking For You 
5 Don’t Say Nothing  
6 Dancing Barefoot 
7 Beneath The Southern Cross 
8 Wing 
9 Privilege (Set Me Free) 
10 Dream Of Life 
11 Dead City 
12 People Have The Power 
13 Rock And Roll Nigger 
14 Rockin’ In The Free World [Neil Young]
15 E-Bow The Letter (with Michael Stipe) [REM]
16 Wild Leaves 
17 I Don’t Need (with Jane Ness) 
18 I Wanna Be Your Dog (with Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore) [Iggy & the Stooges]
19 No Jestering 
20 Throw Your Arms Around Me 
21 The Sky Is Open (with Wade, Nicholas, Justin) 
22 All I Want Is Sleep (with Jake Miller) 
23 Mama Tried 
24 Seven Ways Of Going 
25 Land of a Thousand Dances

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