Bo Diddley Rick’s American Cafe – Barnegat Light, NJ July 6th, 1987 (early and late shows)

Early show
01. Intro
02. Bo Diddley
03. I Don’t Remember (Ever Seeing The Dude Come Out)
04. Sure Do Like Your Music
05. Instrumental Jam (with Toyota/Nissan Rap)
06. Chat
07. I’m A Man
08. Outro Jam (Band only)

Late show
09. You Don’t Know Unless I Tell You
10. Little Girl
11. Do You Like My Stuff?
12. I Really Love You
13. You’re Just Like Your Daddy
14. Road Runner
15. I Don’t Know Where I’ve Been
16. Instrumental Jam >
17. Instrumental Jam (continued) (With anti-drug speech)