G Love & Special Sauce April 9, 2009 House Of Blues Cleveland, Ohio



d1t01 | Crowd & Tuning
d1t02 | Wiggle Worm
d1t03 | Don’t Drop It
d1t04 | I-76
d1t05 | Holla
d1t06 | Maxin’ Relaxin’
d1t07 | Shootin’ Hoops
d1t08 | This Ain’t Livin’
d1t09 | Hot Cookin’
d1t10 | Give It To You
d1t11 | Booty Call
d1t12 | Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
d1t13 | Rock and Roll


d2t01 | Milk & Cereal
d2t02 | Soft & Sweet
d2t03 | Wont’cha Come Home
d2t04 | Roaches >
d2t05 | Rodeo Clowns
d2t06 | Peace, Love and Happiness
d2t07 | Who’s Got The Weed >
d2t08 | Legalize It
d2t09 | Baby’s Got Sauce
d2t10 | Can’t Go Back To Jersey
d2t11 | Gin & Juice
d2t12 | Cold Beverage
d2t13 | Crowd


G. Love & Special Sauce – Live @ Greek Theater_Berkeley CA 2007-08-11


01-don’t drop it
02-back of the bus
04-let the music play.
05-hot cookin’.
06-city living
07-garbage man.
08-booty call_why don’t we do it in the road.
09-blues music_walk on the wild side_can i kick it (ft. ozomatli).
10-baby’s got sauce.
11-cold beverages.
12-gin and juice.
13-wiggle like a worm.
14-can’t go back to jersey.