The Chieftains feat. Carlos Nunez Rudolstadt, Germany Heidecksburg TFF 2005-06-30

01 Brian Boru’s March
02 band intro
03 Here’s A Health To The Company
04 Winter of Ireland/ The Downfall of Paris
05 Fanny Power
06 Carolan’s Farewell To Music
07 Concierto de Aranjuez feat. Carlos Nunez
08 Muinera/ Duelling Chanters/ The Big Country feat. Carlos Nunez
09 Love is Teasin’ feat. Marianne Faithfull
10 The Three Kerry Polkas
11 The Parting of Friends/ Colonel Fraser
13 La Virgen de Guadalupe
14 Did You Ever Go Courting, Uncle Joe?
15 Si Bheag, Si Mh’r