Midge Ure The Music Room, Yarmouth, MA October 28, 2021

01. Dear God
02. Become
03. Call of the Wild
04. Guns and Arrows
05. One
06. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
07. No Regrets
08. Lament
09. Vienna
10. Cold Cold Heart
11. Fragile
12. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
13. Hymn
14. All Fall Down
15. Reap the Wild Wind
16. The Voice

Midge Ure City Winery, Atlanta, GA 2018-06-01

Waiting Days
Dear God
Call of the Wild
Fade to Grey
Lady Stardust (Bowie cover)
Cold, Cold Heart
If I Was
Light in Your Eyes
Guns and Arrows
Beneath a Spielberg Sky
Lament (Ultravox)
Vienna (Ultravox)
Hymn (Ultravox)
The Voice (Ultravox)
One Small Day Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (Ultravox)

Man of the World
All Fall Down (Ultravox)