Peter Frampton The Forum, Inglewood, CA December 9, 1976


01 One More Time
02 Baby I Love Your Way
03 Sail Away
04 Fanfare
05 Alright
06 I Wanna Go To The Sun
07 Something’s Happening
08 Doobie Wah
09 Lines On My Face
10 Show Me The Way
11 (I’ll Give You) Money
12 (I’m A) Roadrunner >
13 Signed Sealed Delivered >
14 It’s A Plain Shame
15 Do You Feel Like We Do
16 Shine On
17 White Sugar
18 Jumpin’ Jack Flash
19 I’m In You

Peter Frampton Penn’s Peak – Jim Thorpe, PA July 27, 2010

01-4 Day Creep
02-It’s a Plain Shame
03-Show Me the Way
04-Lines On My Face
05-Peter speaks
07-Boot It Up
08-Double Nickels
09-I Wanna Go To the Sun
10-All I Wanna Be (Is By Your Side)
11-Peter Speaks
12-Vaudeville Nanna and the Bajolele
13-Peter Speaks
14-Back Hole Sun
15-Naussau/Baby I Love Your Way
16-(I’ll Give You) Money
17-Do You Feel (Like I Do)

18-Encore Call
19-I Want It Back
20-While My Guitar Gently Weeps