Donna the Buffalo Town Plaza, Cozumel, Mexico Jan-16-2003

Disc 1:

01 Way Back When
02 Tides of Time
03 Funkyside
04 Sailing
05 Two More Bottles of Wine
06 Positive Friction
07 Family Picture
08 Wait til Spring
09 Half Way Down
10 You Don’t Seem to Miss Me
11 zydeco
12 Born in the Country (aka Creole Man)
13 Co Fa

Disc 2:

01 Hot Tamale
02 Conscious Evolution > Workin’ On A Building
03 Living In Babylon
04 Living in the Promised Land
05 Forty Days Forty Nights



Donna the Buffalo Observation Lounge, The Norwegian Sun, Caribbean Cruise Jan 13, 2003

Disc 1:

Set 1:
01 Me & Depression
02 When I Lay Asleep
03 Seminole Wind
04 Behind the Door Waltz
05 All the Time
06 Life Is Strange
07 Universal Love (Coming Sun)
08 Blue Shadows
09 No Place Like the Right Time

Disc 2:

Set 1 (cont’d):
01 WV Rastafari
02 Small Axe

Set 2:
03 One Drop of Rain
04 Wishing Well
05 Where Does the Broken Come From
06 Life So Short and Sweet
07 Spinning World
08 (Jim)
09 Current Theme

Disc 3:

Set 2 (cont’d):
01 It Will Be Right
02 Arrows Pointing Sideways
03 Senor
04 Don�t Leave Me Behind
05 In the Middle Distance
06 talking interlude, Tom and Kathy play a jingle
07 Hollywood Dream
08 Seminole Wind
09 Everything Seems to Want to Hurt This Time
10 The Ones You Love



Donna the Buffalo Pool Deck, Norwegian Sun, Caribbean Cruise Jan-12-2003

Disc 1:
01 In Another World >
02 Revolution
03 Tides of Time
04 It�s a New Day
05 If You Only Could
06 Positive Friction
07 Sailing
08 The Waltz
09 Wish You Love
10 World Is In Motion

Disc 2:
01 Down to the River
02 Mississippi
03 “congrats to Doug & Patty”
04 No Place Like the Right Time
05 Looking For A Place to Be
06 Rock of Ages
07 Conscious Evolution > Raleigh and Spencer



Donna The Buffalo The City Winery Atlanta, Georgia 1/6/2023

Disc I

01 Introduction By Royce
02 Greeting
03 Movin’ On
04 The One’s You Love
05 ?
06 Banter
07 Motor
08 Your Heart Beating Next to Mine
09 Love And Gasoline
10 Greatest Love Of All
11 Mrs. Maudry
12 Hold That Tiger Down

Disc II

01 Part Time Lover
02 Everybody’s OK
03 Family Picture
04 Banter
05 Tomorrow Still Knows
06 Where The Rubber Hits The Road >
07 Goin’ Up The Country
08 ?
09 No Place Like The Right Time

10 Thanks/Banter
11 I Believe



Donna The Buffalo Finger Lakes GrassRoots Live, Trumansburg, NY 2021-July-23

Disc 1:
01 -intro-
02 Funky Side
03 The Ones You Love
04 -crowd-
05 Positive Friction
06 -tuning-
07 Motor
08 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
09 -intros-
10 Mrs. Maudry
11 -tuning-
12 Blue Sky
13 Mystic Water
14 Just Like You
15 -tuning-
16 The Love You Left Behind
17 -song intro-
18 Just Like Me
19 -tuning-

Disc 2:
01 Swing That Thing #
02 Let Love Move Me &
03 -encore crowd-

04 Went Down To The River
05 -outtro-



Donna The Buffalo The Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA 2021-11-06

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Love Time
d1t03 -banter-
d1t04 If You Only Could
d1t05 The Reason Why
d1t06 -banter-
d1t07 Ancient Arms
d1t08 -sandbagged-
d1t09 Just Like Me
d1t10 Motor
d1t11 Heaven And The Earth
d1t12 I Love My Tribe
d1t13 In Another World > Revolution
d1t14 -tuning-
d1t15 Swing That Thing
d1t16 When The Rubber Hits The Road
d1t17 -banter-
d1t18 Family Picture
d1t19 It’s Over
d1t20 -crowd-
d2t01 The Love You Left Behind
d2t02 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
d2t03 Conscious Evolution
d2t04 Just Like You
d2t05 Arrows Pointing Sideways
d2t06 -banter-
d2t07 Sitting On Top Of The World
d2t08 Blue Sky
d2t09 -crowd-
d2t10 Tomorrow Still Knows
d2t11 -band intros-
d2t12 Yonder
d2t13 -encore crowd-

d2t14 Pleasure Pain And Dream
d2t15 -crowd-
d2t16 Mrs Maudry > Revelation Two-Step

Donna The Buffalo City Winery Boston, Massachusetts May 19, 2022

Disc I 

01 Announcements/Introduction
02 In This Life >
03 Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely
04 Technical Difficulties
05 Funky Side
06 Black And White
07 Your Heart Beating Next to Mine
08 Motor
09 Where The Rubber Hits the Road
10 Sittin’ On Top Of the World
11 ?

Disc II 

01 The Ones You Love
02 Tomorrow Still Knows
03 Yonder 
04 West Virginia Rastafari
05 Going Up The Country
06 Family Picture
07 Banter
08 Conscious Evolution

09 Banter
10 Everybody’s OK

Donna The Buffalo Musikfest Caf’, Bethlehem PA 2021-Dec-02

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Movin’ On
d1t03 -banter-
d1t04 Ancient Arms
d1t05 Positive Friction
d1t06 -banter-
d1t07 The Ones You Love
d1t08 Me And Depression
d1t09 -tuning-
d1t10 Sittin’ On Top Of The World
d1t11 Heaven And The Earth
d1t12 -crowd-
d1t13 Silverlined
d1t14 Tomorrow Still Knows
d1t15 -pep-rally 101-
d1t16 I Love My Tribe
d1t17 -song intro-
d1t18 The Reason Why
d1t19 -tuning-
d1t20 Swing That Thing
d1t21 Where The Rubber Meets The Road
d1t22 -crowd-
d2t01 The Love You Left Behind
d2t02 -tuning-
d2t03 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
d2t04 -tuning interlude-
d2t05 Motor
d2t06 -melting boots-
d2t07 Each And Every Direction
d2t08 -banter-
d2t09 Blue Sky
d2t10 Rocking Horse
d2t11 Funky Side
d2t12 -thanks and just don’t come near me-
d2t13 No Place Like The Right Time
d2t14 Forty Days And Forty Nights
d2t15 -encore crowd-

d2t16 I Believe
d2t17 -band intros-
d2t18 Embrace The Pain
d2t19 -outro-

Donna The Buffalo Meadow Stage, Pittsboro NC 2021-10-07

d1t01 -intro by Rob Gumby Hillard-
d1t02 It’s A New Day
d1t03 Ancient Arms
d1t04 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
d1t05 -banter-
d1t06 Love And Gasoline
d1t07 Ring Of Fire
d1t08 -crowd-
d1t09 Just Like You
d1t10 Greatest Love
d1t11 -tuning-
d1t12 Good Old Days
d1t13 -banter-
d1t14 The Ones You Love
d1t15 It’s Just Me
d1t16 -tuning-
d1t17 The Love You Left Behind
d1t18 -banter-
d1t19 If You Want To Live
d1t20 -crowd-
d2t01 Sittin’ On Top Of The World
d2t02 -tuning-
d2t03 Positive Friction
d2t04 -encore crowd-

d2t05 Blue Sky
d2t06 Funky Side
d2t07 -outtro-

Donna The Buffalo The Maxwell C. King Center – Melbourne FL 2020-01-03

d1t01 -banter-
d1t02 Killing A Man
d1t03 -banter-
d1t04 Temporary Misery
d1t05 Tonight Tomorrow And Yesterday
d1t06 Don’t Know What We’ve Got
d1t07 Family Picture
d1t08 -tuning-
d1t09 Dance In The Street
d1t10 Top Shelf
d1t11 -tuning-
d1t12 Greatest Love
d1t13 -crowd-
d1t14 Mrs. Maudry > Revelation Two-Step
d1t15 -tuning-
d1t16 Tomorrow Still Knows
d1t17 Love And Gasoline
d1t18 Ms. Parsley
d1t19 -crowd-
d2t01 Right On Time
d2t02 -banter-
d2t03 Positive Friction
d2t04 -banter-
d2t05 The Ones You Love
d2t06 -song request from Roy Jay-
d2t07 Biggie K
d2t08 Good Ol’ Days
d2t09 -banter-
d2t10 Motor
d2t11 -banter-
d2t12 Arrows Pointing Sideways
d2t13 -banter-
d2t14 I Believe
d2t15 -crowd-

Donna The Buffalo – City Winery, Atlanta, GA 06 January, 2022

Disc 1
01. Love Time
02. If I Only Could
03. Funky Side
04. Little Wing
05. Temporary Misery
06. Mrs. Maudry
07. The Mystery
08. Sitting On Top Of The World
09. Ring Of Fire

Disc 2
01. Band Intros
02. Just Like You
03. Pressure, Pain And Dream 
04. Yonder
05. Conscious Evolution

06. I Believe
07. Greatest Love Of All
08. Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely

Donna The Buffalo GrassRoots Festival Of Music And Dance – Pittsboro NC 2021-10-10

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Zydeco 01
d1t03 -band intros-
d1t04 Good Old Days
d1t05 Mrs Maudry
d1t06 No Sad Songs
d1t07 Joe Pete
d1t08 -band meeting-
d1t09 Real Short Time
d1t10 Paper In My Shoe
d1t11 -it’s like a living dream-
d1t12 Swing That Thing #
d1t13 You’re Breaking My Heart @
d1t14 Zydeco 02 Waltz
d1t15 -tuning-
d1t16 Pyramid Scheme Zydeco
d1t17 -banter-
d1t18 Zydeco 03
d1t19 -tuning-
d2t01 My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died
d2t02 -banter-
d2t03 Leslie
d2t04 -banter-
d2t05 Zydeco 04
d2t06 -song request-
d2t07 Hot Tamale Baby