GWAR Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC October 3rd, 2022


00 intro
01 The Cutter
02 The Issue of Tissue
03 Bring Back the Bomb
04 New Dark Ages
05 Mother Fucking Liar
06 Rise Again
07 Bored to Death
08 Saddam a Go-Go
09 Ratcatcher
10 Womb with a View
11 Black and Huge
12 Venom of the Platypus
13 Berserker
14 U Ain’t Shit
15 None but the Brave

16 Sick of You
17 Fuck This Place



GWAR The Oriental Theater, Denver, CO Dec. 7th, 2021

00 intro
01 The Salaminizer
02 Sick of You
03 The Years Without Light
04 Black and Huge
05 Vlad the Impaler
06 Love Surgery
07 Death Pod
08 Maggots
09 Horror of Yig
10 King Queen
11 Eat Steel
12 Fight
13 Cool Place to Park

14 I’ll Be Your Monster
15 Fuck This Place

GWAR 2007/08/13 Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY, US


01.Battle Lust
02.Years Without Light
03.Go To Hell
04.Virginia Tech Killer Sketch>Saddam A Go Go
05.I’m In Love(With A Dead Dog)
07.Toe E Sketch>Whargoul
08.Bohab Sketch>Womb With A View
09.Murderer’s Muse
10.America Must Be Destroyed>Jewcifer Sketch
12.Osama Bin Laden Sketch>Love Surgery