Leftover Salmon Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA 08-Feb-2000

Set 1:
1. Stop All Your Worryin’
2. Muddy Water Home
3. Carnival Time
4. Instrumental
5. River’s Rising
6. Walkin’ Cane
7. Better
8. Get Me Out of This City
9. Las Vegas
10. Meet Me In the Morning
11. Dance on Your Head

Set 2:
1. Sly Medley >
2. Iko Iko >
3. Knocked Out Loaded >
4. Iko Iko
5. It’s Your World
6. Ants in My Pants
7. 420 Polka
8. Breakin’ Thru
9. Ridin’ On the L & N
10. I’m Wasted *
11. Nothing But Time
12. Mama Boulet >
13. Drums >
14. Mama Boulet
15. Doin’ My Time
16. Up On the Hill Where They Do the Boogie
17. The Other Side
18. Euphoria

19. Crowd / Banter
20. What’cha Gonna Do?
21. Eclipse >
22. Y’all Come
23. Rise Up – Wake & Bake



Leftover Salmon Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO November 26, 2022


Set 1:
Little Liza
Midnight Run
Sometimes A River
Tangled Up In Blue
Eight More Miles To Louisville
Colorado Mountains Evermore
Something Higher
Another Way To Turn
Tell My Baby Why You Been Gone So Long
Sailin’ Shoes
Dancin’ Around My Grave

Set 2:
L & N
Molly & Tenbrooks
Everything’s Round
Aquatic Hitchhiker
Troubled Times
Black Peter
River Jordan
Take Me To The River
Ralph Stanley instrumental
One Love

Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie



LEFTOVER SALMON May 3, 2000 Trax Charlottesville, VA

01. Y’all Come
02. Jokester
03. Why You Been Gone So Long
04. Up on the Hill Boogie
05. Shenendoah Breakdown
06. Sitting On Top of the World
07. Rodeo Geek
08. Another Way to Turn
09. Dance On Your Head
10. Going Through the Motions
11. Better
12. Doing My Time

13. Ain’t Gonna Work
14. Blister in the Sun
15. Zombie Jamboree
16. Gold Hill Line
17. Going ‘Round the World
18. Baby Hold On
19. High Five
20. On the Other Side
21. Shame and Scandal
22. When the Levee Breaks
23. Euphoria
24. Madame Boudreau
25. Paint It Black
26. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
27. Let’s Throw a Party
28. Pasta on the Mountain



Leftover Salmon 1997-08-30 Hookaville Festival, St. Clairsville, OH

Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie
Zombie Jamboree
Funky Mountain Fogdown
Going Through The Motions
Dance On Your Head
Doin’ My Time
Bend In The River
Hot Corn Cold Corn
Baby Hold On
Madame Boudreaux >
Iko Iko >
Brother John >
Madame Boudreaux
River’s Rising
Midnight Blues
Whispering Waters
Mama Boulet