d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Love Time
d1t03 -banter-
d1t04 If You Only Could
d1t05 The Reason Why
d1t06 -banter-
d1t07 Ancient Arms
d1t08 -sandbagged-
d1t09 Just Like Me
d1t10 Motor
d1t11 Heaven And The Earth
d1t12 I Love My Tribe
d1t13 In Another World > Revolution
d1t14 -tuning-
d1t15 Swing That Thing
d1t16 When The Rubber Hits The Road
d1t17 -banter-
d1t18 Family Picture
d1t19 It’s Over
d1t20 -crowd-
d2t01 The Love You Left Behind
d2t02 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
d2t03 Conscious Evolution
d2t04 Just Like You
d2t05 Arrows Pointing Sideways
d2t06 -banter-
d2t07 Sitting On Top Of The World
d2t08 Blue Sky
d2t09 -crowd-
d2t10 Tomorrow Still Knows
d2t11 -band intros-
d2t12 Yonder
d2t13 -encore crowd-

d2t14 Pleasure Pain And Dream
d2t15 -crowd-
d2t16 Mrs Maudry > Revelation Two-Step

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