Grateful Dead West High Auditorium, Anchorage, AK June 20, 1980

– Set I –
s1t01 [crowd – tuning]
s1t02 Jack Straw ->
s1t03 Franklin’s Tower ->
s1t04 Mama Tried ->
s1t05 Mexicali Blues
s1t06 [crowd – tuning]
s1t07 Friend of the Devil
s1t08 Let It Grow ->
s1t09 Althea
s1t10 [crowd – tuning]
s1t11 Easy to Love You
s1t12 [crowd – tuning]
s1t13 Lost Sailor ->
s1t14 Saint of Circumstance ->
s1t15 Deal
run time; 1:26:59.640

– Set II –
s2t01 [crowd – tuning]
s2t02 Alabama Getaway ->
s2t03 Greatest Story Ever Told
s2t04 Ship of Fools
s2t05 Estimated Prophet ->
s2t06 The Other One
s2t07 Drums ->
s2t08 Space ->
s2t09 Not Fade Away ->
s2t10 Black Peter ->
s2t11 Around and Around ->
s2t12 Johnny B. Goode
s2t13 [encore break]

s2t14 Don’t Ease Me In
run time; 1:23:44.106

Total Run Time: 2:50:43.746



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