George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars Rome, NY. July 22, 1999


Disc 1:

d1t01: Intro >
d1t02: Bop Gun >
d1t03: That Girl is Bad >
d1t04: Give Up The Funk >
d1t05: Tear the Roof Off >
d1t06: Up for the Down Stroke >
d1t07: George Rap >
d1t08: Somethin Stink >
d1t09: Booty Rap >
d1t10: Maggot Brain
d1t11: Fly On (Dog Star)

Disc 2:

d2t01: Yank My Doodle >
d2t02: Mothership Connection* >
d2t03: Sweet Chariot* >
d2t04: Jam > Bootsy Jam >
d2t05: Atomic Dog
d2t06: Radio Friendly DJ’s



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Author: Schill