Max Creek Westcott Theater Syracuse, NY Saturday, February 29th 2020

set1: 1:12:06
d1t01. tuning
d1t02. Magic Carpet Ride>
d1t03. Who Do You Love>
d1t04. There Is A Time
d1t05. Willow Tree
d1t06. Yes We Can Can*
d1t07. I Want You To Know
d1t08. tuning/banter
d1t09. Sweet Wanomi>
d1t10. Who Do You Love

set2: 01:46:09
d2t01. tuning
d2t02. Wild Side>
d2t03. High On The Mountain Top>
d2t04. Cecilia>
d2t05. Jam>
d2t06. Peaceful Warrior>
d2t07. Emerald Eyes>
d2t08. Linus & Lucy Jam>
d2t09. Emerald Eyes>
d2t10. Hard To Handle
d2t11. Freeborn Man
d2t12. (e) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
d2t13. Life During Wartime

*w/ percussion jam

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