Donna The Buffalo Finger Lakes GrassRoots Live! 29B Grandstand Stage Trumansburg NY

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Funky Side
d1t03 The Ones You Love
d1t04 -crowd-
d1t05 Positive Friction
d1t06 -tuning-
d1t07 Motor
d1t08 Your Heart Beating Next To Mine
d1t09 -intros-
d1t10 Mrs. Maudry
d1t11 -tuning-
d1t12 Blue Sky
d1t13 Mystic Water
d1t14 Just Like You
d1t15 -tuning-
d1t16 The Love You Left Behind
d1t17 -song intro-
d1t18 Just Like Me
d1t19 -tuning-
d2t01 Swing That Thing #
d2t02 Let Love Move Me &
d2t03 -encore crowd-


d2t04 Went Down To The River
d2t05 -outtro-

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